BVoc Industrial Aquaculture 2024: Syllabus, Eligibility, Admission Process

3 Years
Full Time

A thorough undergraduate programme, the Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc) in Industrial Aquaculture equips students with the knowledge and abilities needed for a job in the quickly expanding aquaculture industry. The curriculum combines classroom instruction with hands-on training to guarantee graduates are ready for the demands of the aquaculture sector.

Aquatic biology, fish health management, aquaculture technology, and sustainable aquaculture practices are just a few of the topics covered by students enrolled in BVoc Industrial Aquaculture. The programme has a strong emphasis on practical experience, giving students access to field trips, internships, and practical workshops that provide them with firsthand knowledge of aquaculture operations.

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Admission Process

Stage Details
Eligibility: Ensure you meet the minimum qualification and percentage requirements.
Choose Universities: Research and select universities offering the B.Voc. program that aligns with your career goals and special interests (e.g., fish farming, shellfish culture, ornamental fish).
Apply for Entrance Exams: Register for the relevant entrance exams, if required.
Fill out Application Forms: Submit applications on time, adhering to the deadlines and instructions of each university.
Prepare for Entrance Exams & Interviews: Thoroughly study the exam syllabus and practice mock tests to improve your chances.
Appear for Exams & Interviews: Give your best performance in the entrance exams and any subsequent interview rounds.
Await Admission Results: Check the university website or contact the admissions office for updates on your application status.

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Course Eligibility

  1. Educational Qualifications:

    • Candidates need to have finished 10+2 (or an equivalent qualification) from a diagnosed board.
    • The qualifying examination ought to have been finished with a minimal distinct percent, regularly starting from 50% to 60%, depending on the institution.
  2. Subject Requirements:

    • Some establishments may have precise problem requirements on the 10+2 stage, including Biology or Agriculture, to make sure that students have a foundational information of applicable sciences.
  3. Entrance Exams:

    • Some universities or schools may additionally require applicants to appear for entrance assessments as a part of the admission method. These checks verify the candidate's aptitude and knowledge in relevant topics.
  4. Age Limit:

    • There might be age regulations, with some establishments having a most age restriction for admission.
  5. Reservation Criteria:

    • Certain seats inside the application can be reserved for candidates from particular classes (e.g., SC, ST, OBC) as in line with government guidelines.

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Entrance Exams

  1. ICAR AIEEA (All India Entrance Examination for Admission):

    • Description: Conducted with the aid of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), AIEEA is an front examination for admissions to undergraduate applications in agriculture and allied sciences, which include fisheries and aquaculture.
    • Content: The exam normally assesses candidates in topics together with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, and consists of a particular phase on Agriculture. It evaluates the candidate's information, flair, and talent in applicable regions.
  2. CIFE Entrance Exam (Central Institute of Fisheries Education):

    • Description: CIFE conducts its entrance exam for admission to diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fisheries technology and associated disciplines.
    • Content: The exam covers topics associated with fisheries technology, aquatic biology, and other applicable subjects. It assesses applicants' information of fisheries and aquaculture principles, in addition to their scientific and analytical skills.

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Syllabus 2024

Semester Syllabus Description 
1 Introduction to Aquaculture & Fisheries Explores various types of aquaculture systems, fish biology, pond management, water quality, and basic fishery sciences.
Aquaculture Engineering & Infrastructure Introduces design and construction of ponds, hatcheries, recirculating systems, aquaculture equipment, and biosecurity protocols.
Aquatic Ecology & Environment Covers aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity, conservation, pollution control, and environmental impact assessment in aquaculture.
2 Fish Nutrition & Feed Technology Explores principles of fish nutrition, feed formulation, feed types, feed management, and nutritional diseases in fish.
Fish Breeding & Hatchery Management Covers fish reproduction, broodstock selection, spawning techniques, embryo and larval rearing, and hatchery operations.
Fish Health Management & Aquaculture Diseases Introduces fish diseases, parasites, health management strategies, diagnostic techniques, and disease prevention in aquaculture.
3 Aquaculture Business & Marketing Discusses aquaculture economics, farm management, marketing strategies, financial analysis, and entrepreneurship in aquaculture.
Post-Harvest Technology & Fish Processing Covers fish harvesting, handling, preservation, value-added products, processing techniques, and quality control in fish products.
Elective Courses Opportunity to specialize in areas like ornamental fish culture, shellfish farming, or integrated aquaculture.
4 Internship & Project Capstone experience involving an internship in an aquaculture farm, hatchery, or processing unit, or a project applying acquired knowledge to a real-world aquaculture issue.
Aquaculture Policy & Regulations Introduces government policies, regulations, and sustainable practices in aquaculture development.
Skill Development & Career Planning Focuses on communication skills, resume writing, interview skills, and professional development for successful career entry in the aquaculture industry.

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Admission 2024

  1. Check Eligibility:

    • Ensure that you meet the eligibility standards set with the aid of the university or college presenting the BVoc Industrial Aquaculture application. This normally includes instructional qualifications, minimal percent requirements, and on occasion age restrictions.
  2. Entrance Exam (if relevant):

    • Some establishments might also require candidates to seem for an front examination. Prepare for and take the specified entrance exam, which may assess your know-how in topics which includes Biology, Chemistry, and Agriculture.
  3. Application Form:

    • Obtain the utility form from the legitimate website of the organization or from the admission workplace. Complete the shape as it should be, presenting all necessary info and documentation.
  4. Submission of Documents:

    • Submit the desired files, inclusive of instructional transcripts, certificates, and some other documents distinct by means of the group. Ensure that every one documents are so as and meet the specified guidelines.
  5. Merit List or Entrance Exam Results:

    • Institutions may additionally release a merit listing primarily based on instructional performance or the results of the entrance exam. Check the reputable internet site for the e-book of consequences or benefit lists.
  6. Counseling/Interview (if applicable):

    • Some establishments may additionally conduct counseling periods or interviews to assess the suitability of applicants for this system. Attend any required counseling classes or interviews as scheduled.
  7. Fee Payment and Admission Confirmation:

    • Once selected, pay the prescribed admission prices inside the particular time frame to secure your seat. Follow the commands supplied with the aid of the organization for price payment and admission confirmation.
  8. Orientation Program:

    • Attend any orientation packages or induction sessions organized by means of the group to make yourself familiar with the program, faculty, and campus centers.

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BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Course Placements

College Name Average CTC (INR) Top Recruiters
Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, Chennai INR 5 lakhs Cargill India, Avanti Feeds, MPEDA
Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai INR 4.5 lakhs Aqua Dynamica, Oceanic Aquaculture, Kamdhenu Hatcheries
Kerala University of Fisheries & Ocean Studies, Kochi INR 4 lakhs Trident Group, M.V. Marine Exports, ITC Seafood
College of Fisheries, Mangalore INR 3.5 lakhs CIFE, MPEDA, ICAR-CMFRI

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B.K Birla College Of Arts Science & Commerce INR 500 Stock Market
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Android Technology
Export Import Management
Leadership Development
Logistics And Supply Chain Management
Financial Derivatives
Spoken English
Event Management
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Cyber Forensics
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Personality Development And Soft Skills
Office Management
Human Rights
Solid Waste Management and Law
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Advanced Excel
Good & Services Tax Law
Plant Tissue Culture
Tourist Guidance
Basic Electronics
Portfolio Management
Human Development and Counselling
Sumandeep Vidyapeeth INR 1,000 Entrepreneurship
Research Methodology
Personality Development
H.D. Jain College INR 1,000 Ecg Technique
Abolition Of Child Labour
Bhojpuri Language
Buddhist Studies
Child And Women Rights
Child Psychology
Christian Studies
Islamic Studies
Library and Information Science
Floriculture Technology
Indian Constitution And Panchayati Raj
Insurance Services
Dental Mechanic
Dental And Oral Hygiene
Medical Laboratory Technology
Operation Theatre Assistant
Optometry & Ophthalmic Assistance
Radiography & Imaging Technique
Clinical Dental Technique
Hiv And Family Education
Nutrition And Child Care
Food And Nutrition
Environmental Studies Ces
Legal Awareness For Women
Computer Networking And Internet
Bio-Fertilizer Production
Medicinal And Aromatic Plants
Disaster Management
Physiotherapy And Yoga Therapy
Soil Health Management
Health & Environment
Magadhi Language
Maithli Language
Hindu Studies
Home Usages Of Computers
Basic Medical Assistance & Nursing Care
Jain Philosophy
Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University INR 1,200 Human Rights
School Counselors
Beauty Care
Ict & Research Methodologies
Fire Safety Engineering Management
Computerized Accounting & Financial Application
Agriculture Science
Early Childhood Care & Education
Cutting, Tailoring and Dress Making
Water Harvesting and Management
Computer Basics
Computer Operations For The Blind
Self Help Group Management
C Language
C# & .Net Technology
Visual Basic
Video Production
Mathematical Techniques
Storytelling and Brand Leadership
Annamalai University INR 1,295 Library and Information Science
Spoken English
Food And Nutrition
Office Management
Music-Vocal and Sitar Instrumental
Goods and Services Tax
Safety - Construction Practices
Binding and Finishing
Plumbing - Water Supply and Sanitary Installations
Offset Printing & Binding
Front Desk Operations
English And Communication Skills
Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University INR 1,400 Food And Nutrition
Maternity Nursing Assistant
Human Rights
Environmental Studies Ces
Computer Concept-Baou
Tourism Marketing
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Teaching Of English
Personal Computer Software
Personal Communication Skills In English: Level-1
Better Parenting
Childcare & Development
Tourism Management
Ngo Management
Traditional Birth Attendant
Environment Awareness
University of Kota INR 1,500 Visual Arts - Applied Arts
Bikali College INR 1,500 Tally Software
Computer Hardware And Networking
Web Designing
Video Editing
Multilingual DTP
Desktop Publishing
Dr Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth INR 1,661 Gardening
Mohanlal Sukhadia University INR 2,000 Office Automation & E-Governance
Computer Networking And Internet
Big Data Analyst
Ict & Research Methodologies
Vermi - Technology
Basic Electronics
Computer Hardware
Information Technology
Mushroom Culture
Video Editing
Cloud Computing

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture Course Jobs and Salary

Specialization Average Salary Range (INR) Description
Aquaculture Farm Management: INR 4-6 lakhs Lead all aspects of fish farming, from pond design to harvest, ensuring optimal fish growth and profitability.
Hatchery & Broodstock Management: INR 3.5-5 lakhs Master reproduction techniques, broodstock selection, and larval rearing, playing a crucial role in the production of healthy fish.
Aquaculture Engineering & Technology: INR 4-5 lakhs Design and implement efficient aquaculture systems, utilizing cutting-edge technology for optimized production and resource management.
Fish Processing & Value Addition: INR 3.5-4.5 lakhs Oversee processing, packaging, and value-added product development, ensuring product quality and maximizing market value.
Aquaculture Marketing & Export Management: INR 4-5.5 lakhs Develop marketing strategies, navigate export regulations, and connect aquaculture products with domestic and international markets.

Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc.] (Industrial Aquaculture) Overview 2024 FAQs

BVoc Industrial Aquaculture is an undergraduate program that specialize in fisheries, aquaculture technology, and sustainable practices, making ready college students for careers inside the aquaculture industry.

Subjects include aquatic biology, water fine control, hatchery control, fish fitness, feed technology, and business aspects of aquaculture corporations.

Eligibility commonly includes finishing 10+2 with a designated percent, and once in a while issue necessities. Entrance exams can also be required.

Entrance checks like ICAR AIEEA and CIFE Entrance Exam may be relevant, depending on the institution.

Graduates can pursue roles in aquaculture farms, studies institutions, authorities groups, and private businesses worried in aquatic organism cultivation.

Yes, BVoc Industrial Aquaculture integrates sensible sessions, subject visits, and internships to provide palms-on experience in aquaculture operations.

The length is usually three years, but it may vary by means of group.

BVoc emphasizes a holistic method, overlaying both technical and business aspects, preparing students for diverse roles within the aquaculture zone.

Some institutions can also have age regulations, so it's really helpful to test the specific tips of the university or college.

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