PhD Economics at Gangadhar Meher University Sambalpur 2024: Admission, Cutoff & Fee structure


Gangadhar Meher University

PhD Economics at Gangadhar Meher University Sambalpur 2024: Admission, Cutoff & Fee structure

Sambalpur, Orissa
Estd 1944
State University

Gangadhar Meher University Ph.D. (Economics)

3 Years
Post Graduation
Course Type
Course Mode
Full Time
₹ 4,282

Gangadhar Meher University PhD Economics Fees

Year Tution Fees Admission Fees Registration Fees Exam Fees Course Fees Total Fees
1 ₹ 168 ₹ 14 - ₹ 1000 ₹ 3100 ₹ 4282
2 - - - ₹ 1000 ₹ 2000 ₹ 3000
3 - - - ₹ 1000 ₹ 2000 ₹ 3000

Gangadhar Meher University Ph.D Selection Criteria

  1. Eligibility: Candidates must meet the minimum eligibility criteria set by the university, which usually include the following:

    • A master's degree in a relevant field with a specified minimum percentage (e.g., 55% or equivalent) or a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) as per university norms.
    • Some departments may require a specific background or qualifications related to the chosen research area.
  2. Research Proposal: Applicants are often required to submit a detailed research proposal outlining their research objectives, methodology, research questions, and significance of the proposed research. The quality and feasibility of the research proposal play a crucial role in the selection process.

  3. Entrance Exam: Many universities, including Gangadhar Meher University, conduct a Ph.D. entrance examination. Candidates need to appear for this exam, which tests their subject knowledge, research aptitude, and general research methodology. The performance in the entrance exam is an important factor in the selection process.

  4. Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview or a research aptitude test, during which they can discuss their research proposal and their suitability for the Ph.D. program with a panel of faculty members.

  5. Academic Records: The candidate's academic records, including performance in master's-level coursework and relevant research experience, may be considered as part of the selection process.

  6. Work Experience: In some cases, work experience in a relevant field may be taken into account, especially if it is related to the proposed research topic.

  7. Publication and Research Experience: Candidates with prior research experience, publications in reputed journals, or participation in research projects may receive favorable consideration.

  8. Reservation Policy: Universities in India often follow a reservation policy that allocates a percentage of seats to candidates from specific categories such as SC/ST/OBC/PWD. The selection process takes these reservations into account.

  9. Availability of Research Supervisors: The availability of faculty members who are willing and qualified to serve as research supervisors in the candidate's chosen research area can influence the selection process.

  10. Written Test and Interview: Some departments may conduct a written test followed by an interview as part of the selection process. The written test may assess subject knowledge and research aptitude.

  11. Recommendation Letters: Applicants may be required to submit recommendation letters from professors or individuals who can attest to their research potential and academic abilities.

  12. Statement of Purpose: A statement of purpose (SOP) or personal statement may be required, in which candidates explain their motivation for pursuing a Ph.D. and their research interests.

Gangadhar Meher University Ph.D How To Apply?

  1. Check Eligibility: Before applying, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the Ph.D. program you wish to pursue. Eligibility requirements typically include having a relevant master's degree with a specified minimum percentage or CGPA.

  2. Research Area: Determine your research area and interests, as you will be required to submit a research proposal as part of your application. Your research proposal should align with the research expertise of faculty members at the university.

  3. Online Application: Gangadhar Meher University usually offers an online application portal for Ph.D. admissions. Visit the official university website to access the online application portal.

  4. Create an Account: If you are a new applicant, you may need to create an account on the university's admission portal. This will involve providing your basic information, including a valid email address and mobile number.

  5. Fill out the Application Form: Log in to your account and complete the online application form. You will need to provide details such as your personal information, academic history, contact information, and the Ph.D. program and research area you wish to apply for.

  6. Upload Documents: Scan and upload the required documents, which may include:

    • Mark sheets and certificates of your master's degree.
    • Passport-sized photographs.
    • Valid government-issued photo ID (e.g., Aadhar card, passport, or driver's license).
    • Research proposal detailing your research objectives, methodology, and research questions.
    • Entrance exam scorecard (if applicable).
    • Any other documents specified in the admission notification.
  7. Pay Application Fee: Pay the application fee online through the university's designated payment gateway. The fee amount and payment methods will be mentioned in the admission notification.

  8. Submit the Application: After filling out the form and making the payment, submit your application. You'll receive a confirmation or application number as proof of submission.

  9. Entrance Exam (if applicable): If Gangadhar Meher University conducts a Ph.D. entrance exam for your chosen research area, prepare for and appear for the exam as per the instructions provided.

  10. Interview (if applicable): Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview or a research aptitude test, during which you can discuss your research proposal and your suitability for the Ph.D. program with a panel of faculty members.

  11. Selection: After the application deadline, the university will typically release a list of selected candidates. Check your selection status on the university's website.

  12. Admission Confirmation: If you are selected, follow the instructions for admission confirmation, which may involve paying admission fees, submitting additional documents, and completing formalities.

  13. Enrollment: After confirmation, you will be enrolled as a Ph.D. student at the university. Attend the orientation and begin your research work.

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