Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] (Animation) 2024: Admission Process, Eligibility, Entrance Exam

4 Years
Full Time

Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA is a four year course in arts and design field which is pursued after completing high school. Animation is a four years course offered under the BFA degree which aims at providing the students with the exposure well equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge required to flourish in the field of animation. It has basic courses such as two and three dimensional animation, animation, painting, multimedia, camera and motion picture, movie making, script writing, characters, story board and creative writing.

The BFA (Animation) course has an enrolment eligibility that demands the student to have complete the 10+2 pattern of examination in any field with at least 50% marks. Accepted entrance exams at the national level are the NID DAT Prelims Exam, UCEED Exam, and CEED Exam. Numerous private colleges that offer this course hold an entrance exam or provide direct admission on the basis of marks obtained in 10+2. Some of the colleges may require the candidates to undergo an interview or portfolio evaluation before they are considered for admission. The approximate cost of the course may cost from INR 50000 per annum to more than INR 500000 per annum depending on the college and whether it is private or government.

BFA Animation Course Highlights 2024

Column Details
Full Form Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation)
Duration 3 - 4 Years (Full-Time)
Course Level Undergraduate
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent qualification (some institutes may require specific subjects like Maths or Arts)
Top Colleges (India) National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology Bangalore, College of Art (CoA), Delhi
Entrance Exam Institute-specific entrance exams 

B.F.A Animation Course Eligibility

1. Passed in any stream of 10+2 exam with minimum 50% marks in aggregate. 

2. Irresistible drive, desire and passion to create, illustration skills, hand-drawing skills, basic computer proficiency

3. Anybody who has passion towards animation and has worked with tools such as May, Flash, After Effects etc. 

4. The minimum percentile standard is set to range from 45%-60% for students in their 10+2 examinations.

5. Some institutes have entrance examination and/or interviews to check on talents and skills and creativity. 

6. Course work in most design colleges require that students submit portfolio submission of animations.

B.F.A Animation Entrance Exams

1. NID: Check for skill of drawing, creativity, design sensitivity, color sense and ability of the animator. 

2. CEED: Used for the assessment of visualization, drawing and creativity to design and/or visualization courses offered.

3. UCEED: Used for the evaluation of design and creativity, visual acuity for admitting students to a design and visual arts program.

4. NIFT: This involves skills in innovativeness, observation, design and color sense particularly for fashion related designs and technologies for design and technology courses.

5. SAT: Global test is used to scrutinize the significant skills in critical reading and writing the foreign design course as well as mathematical abilities.

B.F.A Animation Syllabus 2024

Subject Area Important Topics
Foundations Drawing (observational drawing, perspective, life drawing), Color Theory, Design Principles (composition, layout), Basic Filmmaking Concepts (narrative, storyboarding)
2D Animation Traditional Animation Techniques (flipbooks, cel animation), Digital Animation Fundamentals (software like Toon Boom Harmony, TVPaint), Character Design, Animation Principles (timing, anticipation, follow-through)
3D Animation 3D Modeling & Sculpting Techniques (software like Maya, Blender, ZBrush), Texturing & Shading, Rigging & Character Animation, Introduction to Visual Effects (VFX)
Animation Storytelling Storyboarding for Animation, Scriptwriting for Animation, Animatics & Pre-production, Directing for Animation
Animation Production Animation Workflow & Pipeline Management, Life Drawing for Animators (gesture, anatomy), Sound Design & Foley Art for Animation
Elective Courses (may vary) Stop Motion Animation, Character Design for Games, Animation for Mobile Apps, 3D Animation for Film & Television, Motion Graphics

B.F.A Animation Admission 2024

1. All applicants are required to submit their high school transcripts and scores. 

2. Portfolio involving the animation skills that has been acquired as well as the artistic talents.

3. Create a brief statement expressing commitment towards animation.

4. Letters of recommendation in regard to the creative abilities. 

5. The other conditions include submitting an application form along with the application fee.

6. Telephone interview with some animation faculty about their reasons for pursuing their career and how they relate to the program.

Top 10 Government B.F.A Animation Colleges

Rank College Name Location Fees (INR per Year)
1 National Institute of Film and Fine Arts (NIFFA) Hyderabad 45,000
2 Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Vadodara 10,000
3 Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai Chennai 8,000
4 Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata Kolkata 6,000
5 Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi 12,000
6 College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum Thiruvananthapuram 5,000
7 Government College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad Hyderabad 4,000
8 National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad Not applicable (Entrance exam required)
9 Government College of Fine Arts, Shimla Shimla 3,000
10 College of Art & Craft, Patna Patna 2,000

B.F.A Animation Course Placements

This is a 4-year program that focuses on providing education to students that will cater for their needs in the industry of animation. Students learn basic principles of 2D and 3D animation, story boards, character designs, backgrounds, VFX and etc. through studio art, animation and liberal art courses. Employment opportunities are obtained from such areas as animation companies, video game developing companies, movie production companies.

College Name Location Placement Rate (%) Average CTC (INR)
National Institute of Film and Fine Arts (NIFFA) Hyderabad 85+ 5-7 lakhs
Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Vadodara 80-85 4-6 lakhs
Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai Chennai 75-80 3-5 lakhs
National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad N/A (Entrance exam) 8-10 lakhs
Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi 70-75 4-5 lakhs

B.F.A Animation Course Jobs and Salary

Specialization Average Salary (USD)
2D Character Animation $62,000
3D Animation $78,000
VFX Artist $75,000
Motion Graphics Artist $58,000
Storyboard Artist $55,000
Concept Artist $68,000

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