AME Avionics Stream Admission 2024: Jobs, Salary, Syllabus, Top Colleges

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The aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) Avionics Stream is a 3-year diploma program which is concerned with doing the maintenance, test, trouble shoot and fix of the aircraft avionics systems and operating devices. The students will understand about different avionics devices that are communication systems, navigation systems, flight control & management systems, electric systems, instrumentation systems and autoflight systems.

The curriculum includes the in-depth study of modules on basic electrical and electronic fundamentals as well as specific use and characteristics of each aircraft electrical, instrument, radio communication, radar and navigation systems, autopilot and flight control systems of aircraft. Students perform a wide array of training actions, from the theoretical to the practical, on modernly equipped simulators and test benches switched on a real aircraft. 

AME Avionics Stream Highlights 2024

Aspect Details
Degree Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with specialization in Avionics
Duration Typically 2 to 3 years (varies by institution and regulatory requirements)
Curriculum Focuses on avionics systems, electronics, and communication/navigation systems in aircraft.
Regulatory Approval Programs accredited by regulatory authorities like DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).
Practical Training Includes hands-on training on avionics components, troubleshooting, and repair procedures.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Admission Process

1. Undertake the AME entrance exam that includes sections on physics, math, electronics. To freshen up the given sentence, it would be more effective to use a simple sentence structure, shorter words, and more active voice. This level of language difficulty is considered to be at an upper intermediate level. As a condition, mark at least 60%to pass. 

2. Submit applications to Science Aviation Management (AME) institutions that have been approved and show previous high school records of math and science courses. Complete admission application.

3. I want to enroll into a Transport Canada approved avionics technician’s training program in a college for an 18-24 months duration. 

4. Study electronic, aviation engineering, and mechanics in such a way that you can perform diagnostics. Pass exams and labs. Complete the final certification exam, along with 75% of the grades attained.

5. Co-ordinate with Transport Canada AME to obtain the license and proof of program completion, exam results, identification and fees paid.

6. Be an avionics maintenance engineer, the license has to be received once getting approval. The aircraft systems can now be validated by direct approvals of avionics systems.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Eligibility

1. Complete 10+2 Science stream, with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, with minimum 50% marks. 

2. Acquire qualifications in Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Radio, Radar, Telecommunication Engineering, or Aeronautical Engineering in order to have at least 50% marks in your education.

3. Fill in and submit your AME Entrance Exam through the Director General of Civil Aviation, in which you are requested to apply. Make successfully through the written test and interview.  

4. Find out the fitness certificate from an authorized licensed medical practitioner in accordance with the set fitness standards for both physical & mental health, as it is prescribed by the DGCA.

5. If selected, take admission to AME Avionics  training program for one year from an institute approved by the DGCA. Pay the tuition fees.

6. When the course is over, you take the exam in the AME license in Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Aviation Regulation, and Aircraft Technical General. Pass with 70% marks.

7. The license to be obtained must be endorsed by DGCA which is valid for a period of 2 years. Re-certify / Re-authorize it after 2 years by attending required re-fresher seminars.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Entrance Exams

DGCA AME Entrance Exam: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation carries the Screening Test which is with the purpose to evaluate candidates' knowledge in subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, and Avionics as the AME licensing requirements for Avionics specialization.

AME CET: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Test, in the main, appraises the intellect of candidates in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, considered fundamental in AME programs which include the Avionics stream.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Syllabus

Syllabus  Details
Aircraft Aerodynamics Basic principles of aerodynamics, including lift, drag, thrust, and weight. It also covers the aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft, such as wings, fuselages, and empennages.
Aircraft Structures Basic principles of aircraft structures, including loads and stresses, materials, and construction techniques. It also covers the different types of aircraft structures, such as airframes, landing gear, and control surfaces.
Aircraft Systems Different systems of aircraft, such as powerplant systems, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and avionics systems. It also covers the maintenance procedures for these systems.
Avionics Systems Different types of avionics systems, such as communication systems, navigation systems, and surveillance systems. It also covers the maintenance procedures for these systems.
Aircraft Maintenance Practices General maintenance practices for aircraft, such as aircraft handling, inspection, repair, and assembly. It also covers the safety regulations and procedures that must be followed during aircraft maintenance.

Top 10 Private Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Colleges in India with Fee Structure

Tabulated below is the collection of the Top 10 Private Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Colleges in India with Fee Structure, including their key features.

Name of the institute Location Fees
Silver Oak University Ahmedabad, Gujarat INR 678,020
Institute of Aeronautics and Engineering Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh INR 625,000
Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering Pune, Maharashtra INR 391,000
Sha-Shib Flying Academy Guna, Madhya Pradesh INR 3,010,000
Academy of Aviation and Engineering Bangalore, Karnataka INR 360,000
Nehru Group of Institutions Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu INR 190,000
Indian Aerospace and Engineering Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 391,000
School of Aviation Science and Technology New Delhi, Delhi NCR --
Azad Institute of Aeronautics and Engineering Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh INR 160,500
Nehru College of Aeronautics and Applied Sciences Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu INR 120,000

Top Government Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Colleges in India with Fee Structure

Tabulated below is the collection of the Top Government Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Colleges in India with Fee Structure, including their key features.

Name of the institute Location Fees
Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Aurangabad, Maharashtra INR 210,000

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Course Placements

College Name Average CTC (in Rs.)
Pune Institute of Aviation Technology 5.5 L
Alpine Group of Institutes 4.75 L
Indraprastha Institute of Aeronautics 4.25 L
Wingsss College of Aviation Technology 4.5 L
Indira Institute of Aircraft Engineering 4.75 L
Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 4.5 L
Western India Institute of Aeronautics 4.25 L
Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy 4.25 L
HCAT School of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 4.25 L
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science 4.25 L

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Course Jobs and Salary

Specialization Average Salary (in Rs.)
Avionics technician 4.5 L
Avionics engineer 5.5 L
Avionics maintenance supervisor 6.5 L
Aircraft systems engineer 7.5 L
Flight systems engineer 7.5 L
Navigation systems engineer 7.5 L
Communication systems engineer 7.5 L
Radar systems engineer 7.5 L
Surveillance systems engineer 7.5 L

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME] (Avionics Stream) Overview 2024 FAQs

The AME Avionics Stream emphasizes the repair and maintenance of avionics systems, electronic systems, and communication/navigation systems in aircraft, which is a pathway to an avionics maintenance career.

Almost invariably, graduates are supposed to have passed high school (10+2), preferably in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics having met the required percentage targets fixed by universities or regulating bodies.

However, candidates are not exempt from passing entrance exams like DGCA AME Entrance Exam or AME CET. The examination screens their aptitude in the domain related topics such as physics, mathematics, and avionics.

Graduates can get employed in technical training and avionics maintenance, repair organizations (MROs), airlines and aviation industry in order to work on avionics systems, including electronics as a specialty.

Yes, qualified candidates are automatically allowed to take licensing exams carried by the aviation authorities, which are essential to function as approved aircraft maintenance engineers with avionics as a specialization.

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