Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Admission 2024: Eligibility, Salary, Syllabus

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course of India is 3-year diploma program that trains technicians who work with the maintenance of the airplanes. With theoretical knowledge and practical skills in hand, the students are able to inspect, repair, and overhaul aircraft systems and components as well as detect system malfunctions and troubleshoot them. 

The course program the course provides its students the knowledge of materials and hardware for aircraft construction, aircraft electrical system, aircraft drawing, physics, mathematics, aircraft electronic systems, aircraft mechanical systems like hydraulics, pneumatics etc. and also practical labs. Participants also are familiarized with air carriage rules, people factors, aviation security, and airline handling.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Highlights 2024

Aspect Details
Degree Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)
Duration Typically 2 to 4 years (duration varies based on specialization and regulatory requirements)
Specializations Offers specializations in Mechanical, Avionics, and other specific areas of aircraft maintenance.
Curriculum Covers aircraft systems, maintenance procedures, regulations, safety protocols, and practical training.
Regulatory Approval Programs accredited by aviation regulatory authorities such as DGCA, FAA, EASA, or equivalent.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Admission Process

1. It is extremely important to complete 10+2 in science stream with physics, chemistry and maths as main subjects. 

2. Sit for an AME entrance exam that is administered by institutions like Indira Gandhi Satellite Academy. Simply pass the written test and interview.

3. It is highly recommended to get a fitness for medical certification from an aviation medicine examiner who is DGCA approved.

4. Apply to one of AME colleges authorized by DGCA with 10+2 marks of a report card, and entrance exam rank card, medical certificate. 

5. In case of college admission, participation in the process must include paying fees and completing the enrollment formalities.

6. Initiate diploma course of 4 years and also include a 6 months internship period. Shape your training on subjects: aircraft systems, flight dynamics and aircraft structure.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Eligibility

1. Complete study in class 10+2 with minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are compulsory. Comply with the medical standards by DGCA.

2. Take the entrance exam that is by the college fulfilled by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Succeed in the written test as per to the permitted marks.  

3. Procure a Class 2 medical certificate from an AMC, which has been accepted by DGCA. At the institute, pass an interview for the shortlisted participants.

4. After being selected via the institute, submit all the required documents and fees to confirm entry into the program, the one year-AME diploma course.

5. Instruction would encompass a student pilot license getting after the process of flying at the DGCA approved club/school. Log in to the required 200 hours of real-time flight experience before completion of the course.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Syllabus

Module Syllabus Content
Basic Aerodynamics Theory of flight, aircraft performance, aircraft stability and control, aircraft structures
Aircraft Materials and Hardware Types of aircraft materials, aircraft hardware, corrosion protection
Aircraft Structures Aircraft structural design, aircraft structural analysis, aircraft structural repair
Aircraft Systems Aircraft hydraulic systems, aircraft pneumatic systems, aircraft electrical systems, aircraft avionics systems
Aircraft Engines Aircraft piston engines, aircraft gas turbine engines, aircraft engine systems
Aircraft Maintenance Practices Aircraft maintenance procedures, aircraft maintenance manuals, aircraft maintenance tools and equipment
Aircraft Electrical Fundamentals Basic electrical theory, aircraft electrical systems, aircraft electrical troubleshooting
Aircraft Electronics Fundamentals Basic electronic theory, aircraft electronic systems, aircraft electronic troubleshooting
Aircraft Human Factors Human factors in aircraft maintenance, aircraft maintenance error prevention
Aircraft Airworthiness Aircraft airworthiness regulations, aircraft maintenance inspections, aircraft maintenance certification

Top Private Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Colleges in India with Fee Structure

Tabulated below is the collection of the Top Private Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Colleges in India with Fee Structure, including their key features.

Name of the institute Location Fees
Hindustan Aviation Academy Bangalore, Karnataka INR 131,000
Alpine Group of Institutions Dehradun, Uttarakhand INR 150,000

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Placements

College Name City Average CTC (INR)
Indian Institute of Aeronautics (IIA) Delhi 6 LPA
Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology (HIET) Chennai 5.5 LPA
Western India Institute of Aeronautics (WIIA) Pune 5 LPA
Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt Ltd (ACAPL) Mumbai 4.5 LPA
Government Polytechnic for Boys, New Delhi Delhi 4 LPA
Government Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi Delhi 3.9 LPA
Government Polytechnic, Pune Pune 3.8 LPA
Government Polytechnic for Women, Pune Pune 3.7 LPA
Government Polytechnic, Mumbai Mumbai 3.6 LPA
Government Polytechnic for Women, Mumbai Mumbai 3.5 LPA

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Jobs and Salary

Specialization Average Salary (INR)
Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic 5 LPA
Avionics Technician 4.5 LPA
Engine Mechanic 4 LPA
Structural Mechanic 3.8 LPA

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