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RBSE 12th Time Table 2024: Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) Ajmer has announced Rajasthan Board Examination Date 2024 Class 12. According to the announced RBSE 12th Examination Date 2024, Class 12 examination will be held from February 15 to April 10, The timetable 2024 has not yet been released. The board will soon release Rajasthan Board 12th Time Table 2024 Science, Rajasthan Board 12th Time Table 2024 Arts and Commerce simultaneously on its official website. Rajasthan Board 12th Time Table 2024 PDF will also be available on this page after the official release. Rajasthan Board Exam 2024 Class 12 Time Table contains exam dates as well as time details and important instructions related to the exam. Students can check RBSE 12th Time Table 2024 at rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in.

Rajasthan Board will conduct RBSE Class 12 examination 2024 in March and April 2024 tentatively. RBSE 12th examination 2024 will be held in pen and paper mode. RBSE 12th Practical Exam 2024 will be conducted in January or February 2024. For all the students appearing in RBSE 12th board exam, start your preparation by carefully checking the Rajasthan Board 12th Time Table 2024 below.

RBSE Board Time Table Highlights 2024

Class Description Dates
Class 10 Time Table February 15, 2024 - April 10, 2024
Practical Exams February 13-17, 2024
Result May 12, 2024
Class 12 Time Table February 24 - March 26, 2024
Practical Exams February 19-23, 2024
Result May 22, 2024

How to Apply for RBSE Board 2024?

  1. Registration at School:

    • Students are normally required to sign in for the board checks thru their respective colleges. The faculty management plays a vital position in facilitating the utility technique.
  2. Fill Application Form:

    • Schools distribute software bureaucracy to students. Fill out the utility form as it should be and absolutely, imparting all of the required info along with non-public records and difficulty choices.
  3. Attach Documents:

    • Attach important files as consistent with the instructions provided. This may additionally include a passport-sized photo, evidence of identification, and any other documents specific with the aid of the board.
  4. Payment of Fees:

    • Pay the examination fees. The fees structure may additionally vary based at the class and the range of subjects selected. Ensure that the payment is made within the stipulated cut-off date.
  5. Verification:

    • Schools will verify the software bureaucracy, ensuring that all statistics is correct and all required documents are attached.
  6. Submission to the Board:

    • The completed application paperwork, in conjunction with the required charges and files, are then submitted to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) via the respective faculties.
  7. Admit Card Issuance:

    • After the a hit submission of applications, the board problems admit playing cards to eligible college students. Admit playing cards are important for appearing in the board checks and typically consist of information like examination middle and schedule.
  8. Confirmation and Roll Number:

    • The board presents a affirmation of the application and problems a roll number to every scholar. The roll quantity is used to pick out students during the examination technique.
  9. Prepare for Exams:

    • Once the application manner is whole, focus on exam guidance. Use the time wisely to examine the prescribed syllabus and be equipped for the imminent board exams.

RBSE Board Important Dates 2024

Class Description Dates
Class 10 Time Table February 15, 2024 - April 10, 2024
Class 10 Practical Exams February 13-17, 2024
Class 10 Result May 12, 2024
Class 12 Time Table February 24 - March 26, 2024
Class 12 Practical Exams February 19-23, 2024
Class 12 Result May 22, 2024

What are the Eligibility Criteria for in RBSE Board 2024?

  1. Class Enrollment:

    • Students should be enrolled in a diagnosed college affiliated with the RBSE. Typically, students seem for RBSE checks in Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary).
  2. Attendance Requirement:

    • Students are regularly required to fulfill the minimum attendance criteria set with the aid of the college and the board. Failure to fulfill the attendance requirement can also affect eligibility.
  3. Submission of Application:

    • Students want to complete the utility procedure as consistent with the commands furnished by using the college and the RBSE. This consists of filing the application shape, required files, and paying the exam costs in the unique timeline.
  4. Completion of Coursework:

    • For senior secondary assessments (Class 12), college students need to have completed the prescribed coursework for the chosen move (Science, Commerce, Arts) to be eligible for the board exams.
  5. No Age Limit:

    • There is generally no maximum age restrict for students performing in RBSE board checks.
  6. Regular/Non-Regular Candidates:

    • The eligibility standards may also vary for normal and non-everyday applicants. Regular applicants are the ones enrolled in normal training, even as non-everyday candidates can also encompass non-public applicants or the ones pursuing additional subjects.

Documents Required For Registration in RBSE Board 2024

  1. Application Form:

    • Complete the registration/application form provided by using the faculty or the board. Ensure that each one fields are filled in as it should be and absolutely.
  2. Photograph:

    • Passport-sized photos of the candidate can be required. The wide variety and specifications of pics can also vary, so it's crucial to follow the instructions supplied.
  3. Proof of Identity:

    • Some forums may additionally require evidence of identification, inclusive of a photocopy of the Aadhar card or another authorities-issued identity record.
  4. Birth Certificate:

    • A replica of the delivery certificate is frequently required as evidence of the candidate's age. This is specifically vital for college kids enrolling in Class 10 (Secondary).
  5. Address Proof:

    • A evidence of residence, which includes a photocopy of the Aadhar card or another deal with verification record, may be important.
  6. Previous Academic Records:

    • Copies of mark sheets or certificate from the preceding educational years may be needed, specially for Class 12 (Senior Secondary) registrations.
  7. Transfer Certificate:

    • A transfer certificates from the previous college, indicating that the scholar has been promoted to the cutting-edge class, may be required.
  8. Caste Certificate (if relevant):

    • If making use of below a reserved category, a copy of the caste certificates can be important.
  9. Category Certificate (if relevant):

    • For any unique classes (e.g., physically challenged), a relevant certificate may be required.
  10. Migration Certificate (if applicable):

    • Students who've migrated from some other board or kingdom can also want to put up a migration certificate.

RBSE Board Preparation Tips 2024

  1. Understand the Syllabus:

    • Familiarize your self with the RBSE syllabus on your class. Knowing what topics are included will help you plan your look at schedule effectively.
  2. Create a Study Schedule:

    • Develop a practical study timetable that allocates sufficient time to each concern. Prioritize tough topics and allocate breaks for better cognizance.
  3. Use RBSE Recommended Books:

    • Refer to textbooks encouraged by the RBSE. These books are aligned with the prescribed syllabus and will assist you cowl all crucial subjects.
  4. Practice with Previous Years' Papers:

    • Solve preceding years' query papers to apprehend the examination pattern, marking scheme, and the forms of questions requested. This will enhance your self assurance.
  5. Time Management:

    • Practice time control at some stage in your study periods and mock exams. Develop a experience of ways much time you need to allocate to every query throughout the real exam.
  6. Make Notes:

    • Create concise notes even as analyzing. This aids in quick revision and serves as a available reference in the course of the very last days earlier than the exam.
  7. Regular Revision:

    • Schedule everyday revision periods to boost what you've got learned. This enables in higher retention and don't forget in the course of exams.
  8. Seek Clarification:

    • If you've got doubts, don't hesitate to are looking for help from your teachers. Clarifying principles you find difficult is vital for a sturdy understanding.
  9. Healthy Lifestyle:

    • Maintain a balanced eating regimen, get ok sleep, and interact in bodily activities. A healthy way of life positively affects your attention and ordinary properly-being.
  10. Mock Tests and Self-Assessment:

    • Take mock tests to assess your instruction level. Analyze your performance and awareness on improving vulnerable areas.
  11. Stay Positive:

    • Maintain a tremendous attitude. Believe for your abilities and live focused. Avoid useless pressure and anxiety.
  12. Group Study Sessions:

    • Collaborate with classmates for institution observe sessions. Explaining concepts to others can decorate your know-how, and organization discussions provide various views.
  13. Use Technology Wisely:

    • Incorporate academic apps and on line sources into your study recurring. However, keep in mind of screen time and ability distractions.
  14. Stay Informed:

    • Regularly check the authentic RBSE internet site for updates, notifications, and any changes to the examination time table or sample.

RBSE Board Time Table 2024: Guidelines for Students

  1. Download and Review:

    • Once the RBSE Board Time Table for 2024 is launched, download it from the legitimate internet site and carefully overview the time table to your exams.
  2. Check Exam Dates and Timings:

    • Note the dates and timings of each exam. Be aware of any gaps among exams to plot your revision therefore.
  3. Subject-sensible Preparation:

    • Organize your examine schedule based totally at the examination dates. Prioritize subjects with in advance exam dates and allocate enough time for practise.
  4. Regular Revision:

    • Schedule regular revision classes to enhance what you've got learned. Focus on key principles, formulation, and crucial topics.
  5. Adhere to Exam Day Instructions:

    • Familiarize yourself with the policies and rules for each exam. Pay attention to instructions concerning reporting time, permissible objects, and any specific hints.
  6. Prepare Exam Essentials:

    • Pack all essential gadgets the night time earlier than each examination, which includes stationery, admit card, and another required documents. Double-take a look at the examination venue.
  7. Take Care of Your Health:

    • Get adequate sleep before each exam. Maintain a balanced weight loss program and stay hydrated. Avoid remaining-minute cramming, and consciousness on staying calm and confident.
  8. Reach Exam Center Early:

    • Plan to reach at the exam middle nicely before the reporting time. This lets in for any unforeseen delays and enables reduce stress.
  9. Stay Calm During Exams:

    • Remain calm and composed throughout exams. Read commands cautiously, manage it slow successfully, and strive questions with a clear thoughts.
  10. Follow Ethics and Integrity:

    • Uphold moral standards all through exams. Avoid any shape of cheating, plagiarism, or accomplishing any conduct that might compromise the integrity of the examination method.
  11. Post-Exam Relaxation:

    • After every exam, take a spoil to loosen up and refresh your mind. Avoid discussing the paper without delay if it reasons strain.
  12. Stay Informed:

    • Regularly check the official RBSE website or any conversation channels for updates, changes, or additional instructions associated with the board checks.

How to Download RBSE Board Time Table 2024?

  1. Visit the Official RBSE Website:

    • Go to the authentic internet site of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. The reliable RBSE website is usually https://rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in/.
  2. Look for the "Examinations" or "Time Table" Section:

    • Navigate thru the website to discover a segment related to examinations, time desk, or date sheet. This can be prominently displayed on the homepage or placed in a dropdown menu.
  3. Find the RBSE Board Time Table 2024 Link:

    • Look for a link in particular related to the RBSE Board Time Table for the 12 months 2024. This link may be categorized "Time Table," "Date Sheet," or a comparable term.
  4. Select Your Class/Exam:

    • Once you are on the time table page, pick out the elegance or exam for that you need to download the time table. RBSE conducts assessments for both Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary).
  5. Download the Time Table:

    • Click on the hyperlink corresponding to the RBSE Board Time Table 2024 for your class. The time desk is normally furnished in PDF layout. Click on the down load choice to keep the report to your tool.
  6. Check for Updates:

    • Regularly test the authentic RBSE website for any updates or adjustments to the time table. Exam schedules may be subject to revisions, so it is crucial to stay informed.
  7. Print or Save:

    • After downloading the time table, don't forget printing a difficult copy to your reference. Alternatively, keep the virtual replica for your device for clean get entry to.
  8. Verify Details:

    • Ensure that each one the information on the time desk, along with examination dates, timings, and topics, are correct. If you've got any concerns or questions, contact your school or the RBSE for clarification.

RBSE Board Official Website Details

The official website of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) is rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in. This website serves as a comprehensive platform for students, educators, and stakeholders. It provides essential information about RBSE, including exam schedules, time tables, results, syllabus details, and notifications. Students can access study materials, important announcements, and circulars. The website is a central hub for educational resources and official updates, making it a key source for individuals associated with secondary and senior secondary education in the state of Rajasthan. It's advisable to regularly check the official website for the latest information and updates. 

Details Mentioned on RBSE Board Time Table 2024

  1. Exam Dates:

    • The dates on which each examination is scheduled to take vicinity.
  2. Day and Time:

    • The day of the week on which the examination is scheduled and the corresponding timing (morning or afternoon consultation).
  3. Subject Names and Codes:

    • A list of subjects at the side of their respective difficulty codes.
  4. Exam Duration:

    • The duration of each exam. This statistics is essential for college kids to control their time correctly throughout the real exam.
  5. Important Instructions:

    • Any specific commands or tips for students appearing within the examinations. This may additionally include reporting time, policies concerning the usage of calculators, stationery requirements, etc.
  6. Practical Exam Dates (if applicable):

    • If practical exams are a part of the curriculum, the time desk may consist of dates and info for these realistic checks.
  7. Exam Center Information:

    • Details about the exam facilities where students are predicted to seem for their examinations.
  8. Subject-smart Schedule:

    • A situation-wise breakdown of the entire exam schedule, indicating which topics are scheduled on unique dates.
  9. Official Seal and Signature:

    • The time table is normally authenticated with the professional seal of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education and might bear the signature of a certified professional.

RBSE Board Time Table 2024 FAQs

The launch date is generally announced at the legit RBSE website. Check for updates regularly.

Visit the professional RBSE website, discover the "Time Table" section, and download the schedule as soon as it's far to be had.

The time table consists of examination dates, issue names, timings, and any critical commands for Rajasthan Board secondary and senior secondary checks.

Stay knowledgeable through checking the authentic RBSE website for any updates, revisions, or extra bulletins related to the time table.

Practical examination info, if applicable, are commonly noted on the RBSE Board Time Table. Check for specific commands.

Schools frequently distribute hard copies, however it is really helpful to additionally download a virtual replica from the legit website.

Contact the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) or your college government right away for explanation and resolution.

Yes, study the Time Table thoroughly for commands on reporting time, stationery, and every other exam-associated tips.

Yes, the Time Table typically covers all streams – Science, Commerce, and Arts – for each secondary and senior secondary tests.

Regularly check the legitimate RBSE internet site and subscribe to notifications for actual-time updates and announcements.

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