IIIT Kota or IIIT Hyderabad - Which is Better?

IIIT Kota or IIIT Hyderabad - Which is Better?

Choosing between IIIT Kota and IIIT Hyderabad depends upon the several issues such as educational status, faculty, infrastructure, placements and location IIT Hyderabad is an institution renowned for its superb quality education, strong research programmes and strong industry linkages.
Certainly, IIIT Hyderabad is one of the top institutes in India for computer science and information technology which was founded in 1998. It has undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs in different fields. The organization has fantastic accredited faculty members, a lot of whom are famous researchers in their own disciplines. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of IIIT Hyderabad together with modern laboratories and research facilities create an excellent learning environment for students.

IIIT Kota or IIIT Hyderabad - Which is Better?

IIIT Hyderabad is known for its rigorous curriculum which emphasizes on both theoretical expertise and practical competencies. The institute encourages college students to pursue research at an early level, fostering innovation and important wondering. In addition, collaborations with enterprise partners and research institutions provide students with valuable publicity to real-world demanding situations and possibilities.

IIT Hyderabad Offered Courses 2024

Faculty & Infrastructure:

Feature IIIT Kota IIIT Hyderabad
Faculty - Well-qualified and experienced faculty, some with PhDs from reputed institutions. - Growing pool of faculty members. - Highly qualified faculty with extensive experience in research and teaching. - Many faculty members with PhDs from prestigious universities worldwide.
Faculty-Student Ratio Around 1:15 (as of 2023) Around 1:12 (as of 2023)
Infrastructure - New campus under development, with modern classrooms, labs, and other facilities. - Well-equipped labs with essential equipment for various courses. - Established campus with well-developed infrastructure, including state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, libraries, and recreational facilities. - Advanced research labs and computational facilities.

Established Reputation:

Feature IIIT Kota IIIT Hyderabad
Established 2013 1998
Reputation Emerging institute, gaining recognition in the field of Information Technology. Well-established institute with a strong national and international reputation for excellence in education and research.
Alumni Network Younger alumni network, still developing. Large and well-established alumni network across various industries and academia.

Academic Programs:

Feature IIIT Kota IIIT Hyderabad
Undergraduate Programs - B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) - B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) - B.Tech in CSE - B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS) - B.Tech in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) - B.Tech in Information Technology (IT) - Dual Degree B.Tech-M.Tech programs
Master's Programs - M.Tech in CSE (specializations offered may vary) - M.Tech in various specializations, including CSE, AI, Machine Learning, Information Security, Robotics, and more. - Master of Science (MS) by Research in various specializations. - Ph.D. programs in various fields.
Focus Emerging areas of technology, such as AI, machine learning, and data science. Wider range of established and emerging engineering fields.

IIT Hyderabad Offered Courses 2024

Course Name Duration Level Eligibility Course Type Fees
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] 4 Years Graduation 10+2 Degree INR 223,000
Master of Technology [M.Tech] 2 Years Post Graduation Graduation + GATE Degree INR 55,900
Master of Science [M.Sc] 2 Years Post Graduation Graduation + IIT JAM Degree INR 55,900
Ph.D 3 Years Doctorate/M.Phil Post Graduation Degree INR 45,900
Master of Arts [MA] 2 Years Post Graduation Graduation Degree INR 55,900
Bachelor of Design [B.Des] 4 Years Graduation Pass in 10+2 + UCEED Degree INR 223,000
Master of Design [M.Des] 2 Years Post Graduation Graduation with 55% Degree INR 55,900

Admission Difficulty:

Feature IIIT Kota IIIT Hyderabad
Selection Process JEE Main score and counselling JEE Main score followed by institute-specific entrance exam (written test and interview)
Typical JEE Main Cutoff Lower than IIIT Hyderabad (data not yet available for 2024 admissions, but likely to be around 80-85 percentile) Higher than IIIT Kota (around 90-95 percentile or higher, data not yet available for 2024 admissions)
Overall Difficulty Generally considered to be easier to get into compared to IIIT Hyderabad Generally considered to be more difficult to get into compared to IIIT Kota

IIIT Kota Offered Courses 2024

Course Name Fees
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] INR 230,925
Certification --
Ph.D INR 94,225
Master of Technology [M.Tech] INR 163,225


Feature IIIT Kota IIIT Hyderabad
Placement Rate Limited data available due to the institute's young age. However, initial placement reports suggest a promising trend. Consistently high placement rate, typically exceeding 80-90%.
Average CTC (Package) Data not yet available for IIIT Kota, but expected to be competitive with the national average for engineering graduates. Median CTC for the 2023 graduating batch was around ₹12.5 Lakhs per annum.
Top Recruiters Reputed companies from the IT sector are likely to be major recruiters. Major recruiters include top IT companies, MNCs, startups, and core engineering companies.

IIIT Kota Offered Courses 2024

Course Name Duration Level Eligibility Course Type Fees
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] 4 Years Graduation 10+2 with 75% + JEE Main Degree INR 230,925
Certification 1 Month 10+2 10+2 Certification --
Ph.D 3 Years Doctorate/M.Phil Degree INR 94,225
Master of Technology [M.Tech] 2 Years Post Graduation B.Tech with 60% Degree INR 163,225

Location & Industry Focus:

Feature IIIT Kota IIIT Hyderabad
Location Kota, Rajasthan Hyderabad, Telangana
Industry Focus Emerging IT Hub with a growing presence of IT and related startups. Established IT hub with a strong presence of major IT companies, MNCs, and startups across various sectors.
Proximity to Industries Located near IT companies and startups in Kota and surrounding areas. Located in the heart of Hyderabad's IT hub, surrounded by major IT companies, MNCs, and startups.
Potential Benefits - Lower living expenses compared to Hyderabad.
 - May offer opportunities to be part of a developing IT ecosystem.
- Access to a wider range of internship and job opportunities due to the established IT hub.
- Potential for networking with professionals from various established companies.


Factors to consider include academic reputation, faculty expertise, infrastructure, placement opportunities, and location.

IIIT Hyderabad is widely renowned for its academic excellence and research programs, whereas IIIT Kota is a newer institute with a growing reputation.

IIIT Hyderabad typically offers more advanced infrastructure and research facilities compared to IIIT Kota due to its longer establishment.

IIIT Hyderabad generally boasts highly qualified faculty members, including renowned researchers, while IIIT Kota's faculty may be developing due to its recent establishment.

IIIT Hyderabad tends to have a stronger network of industry connections and higher placement rates compared to IIIT Kota, but both offer opportunities for students.

IIIT Hyderabad's strong industry connections and collaborations provide students with valuable exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities.

IIIT Kota, although newer, is gradually establishing itself as a center of excellence in technology education, offering a promising learning environment for students.

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