Odisha 10th Board Exam Time Table 2024: Schedule, Dates

Explore Odisha 10th Board for Class 10 exams, results, and essential updates.

Odisha Board of Secondary Education (BSE) conducts Class 10 assessments and Odisha 10th Board Time Table 2024 is essential for the students getting geared up for these tests. The agenda posted some months in advance than the exam is a whole schedule describing the dates, topics and times of the examination.

This time desk normally lasts numerous weeks, typically among February and March. The evaluation covers pretty a few subjects, inclusive of language, technological understanding, math, and social studies.

Students are advised to check the website of the legitimate BSE Odisha or their respective colleges for the very last unique exam time table. A time table lets in set up physical games, making sure sufficient time to navigate every state of affairs.

Odisha 10th Board Time Table Highlights 2024

Feature Details
Exam Dates February 20 to March 4, 2024
Exam Mode Pen and Paper
Subjects First Language, Second Language, Mathematics, Third Language, Science (for Science Stream), Social Science (for Arts and Commerce Streams), and other elective subjects
Number of Exams 13 (including practical exams)
Break Between Exams Minimum of 2 days between major subjects

How to Apply for Odisha 10th Board 2024?

  1. School Enrollment: Ensure you are enrolled in a recognized school affiliated with the Odisha Board of Secondary Education (BSE).

  2. Regular Attendance and Academic Performance: Maintain first-rate attendance and meet the educational requirements set by way of your college and the board.

  3. Registration Process: Schools usually handle the registration procedure for board exams. Ensure your school registers you for the 10th board checks within the stipulated timeline and pays the desired examination expenses.

  4. Submission of Required Documents: Provide essential documents as asked via the faculty or BSE for the duration of the registration system. This may include identity proof, images, and other relevant certificates.

  5. Fee Payment: Pay the exam prices as in line with the commands supplied through your college inside the unique deadline.

  6. Admit Card Issuance: Once the registration method is whole, the Odisha Board of Secondary Education will problem admit playing cards or hall tickets for the exams. Collect your admit card from your college within the stipulated time.

  7. Exam Preparation: Utilize the time before the exams to prepare very well. Refer to the syllabus, practice previous years' question papers, and awareness on a established take a look at habitual.

  8. Exam Day Readiness: On the examination days, make sure you attain the examination center on time and carry all vital documents, such as your admit card, stationery, and every other required objects.

Odisha 10th Board Important Dates 2024

Date/Event Description
February 20, 2024 First Language (Odia/Sanskrit/Other Regional Languages)
February 23, 2024 Second Language (English/Hindi)
February 26, 2024 Mathematics
February 28, 2024 Third Language (TLH, TLO, TLP, TLS)
March 2, 2024 General Science
March 4, 2024 Social Science (History, Geography, Civics)
March 7-18, 2024 Practical Exams (Subject specific dates to be confirmed)
April 27, 2024 Expected Declaration of Results

What are the Eligibility Criteria for in Odisha 10th Board 2024?

  1. Enrollment in Recognized Schools: Students must be enrolled in a faculty affiliated with the Odisha Board of Secondary Education (BSE).

  2. Completion of Academic Year: Candidates must have finished the academic 12 months for Class 10 from a identified organization or college.

  3. Attendance and Academic Performance: Maintain fine attendance and meet the educational necessities set through your school and the board.

  4. Registration: Schools typically manage the registration method for board checks. Ensure your college registers you for the 10th board assessments in the specific timeline and can pay the desired exam fees.

  5. Submission of Required Documents: Provide vital files as asked by means of the faculty or BSE in the course of the registration method. This may include identity evidence, photos, and other applicable certificate.

  6. Compliance with Board Guidelines: Adherence to the recommendations and rules set forth via the Odisha Board of Secondary Education regarding exam approaches, eligibility, and conduct all through the examination length is important.

Documents Required For Registration in Odisha 10th Board 2024

  1. Admission Form: Complete and accurate statistics on the school's admission shape, offering personal information, preceding academic history, and decided on topics for Class 10.

  2. Photographs: Recent passport-sized pictures assembly the specifications supplied by way of the board or faculty.

  3. Identity Proof: A valid identification proof along with Aadhar Card, Voter ID, or Passport.

  4. Previous Academic Records: Documents confirming a hit completion of the preceding instructional yr or Class 9 from a identified organization, frequently the mark sheet or certificates.

  5. Registration Fee Payment Receipt: Proof of charge of the examination prices as per the necessities set through the Odisha Board of Secondary Education.

  6. Category/Caste Certificate (if applicable): Students belonging to specific categories might want to provide caste or class certificate as in step with the policies.

  7. Other Certificates (if required): Any different files or certificate distinctive through the Odisha Board of Secondary Education or your college for the registration system.

Odisha 10th Board Preparation Tips 2024

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize your self with the prescribed syllabus for all subjects. Allocate examine time primarily based on the weightage of each subject matter.

  2. Create a Study Schedule: Develop a well-based study plan that covers all topics systematically. Allocate time for revision and practice.

  3. Quality Study Material: Use recommended textbooks, notes, and supplementary sources to understand concepts correctly.

  4. Practice Regularly: Solve preceding years' query papers, sample papers, and mock tests to understand the exam sample and enhance time control.

  5. Focus on Weak Areas: Identify and paintings on weaker topics or subjects. Seek steerage from instructors or peers for higher know-how.

  6. Revision Strategy: Allocate time for normal revisions to boost studying. Create concise notes for short revision.

  7. Time Management: Practice solving questions within the time frame specific in the examination. This improves velocity and accuracy.

  8. Healthy Routine: Maintain a healthy life-style with proper sleep, balanced food, and regular exercising to live centered and alert.

  9. Avoid Last-Minute Stress: Plan your look at schedule to avoid cramming earlier than the tests. Stay calm and confident.

  10. Stay Updated: Keep song of any adjustments or updates inside the exam sample or syllabus released by the Odisha Board of Secondary Education.

Odisha 10th Board Time Table 2024: Guidelines for Students

  1. Review Schedule: Thoroughly look at the exam timetable, noting dates, subjects, and timings for every examination.

  2. Subject Preparation: Structure your look at recurring in line with the timetable, dedicating good enough time to put together for every problem.

  3. Time Management: Create a look at plan, emphasizing weaker subjects or subjects. Allocate time for revisions and exercise exams as in step with the schedule.

  4. Exam Day Readiness: Familiarize your self with the reporting times, examination policies, and required documents for each exam.

  5. Practice Regularly: Solve sample papers or preceding years' query papers within the precise time frames to improve speed and accuracy.

  6. Health and Well-being: Maintain a wholesome lifestyle with sufficient sleep, vitamins, and exercising to live mentally and bodily organized.

  7. Adhere to Guidelines: Follow commands cited at the timetable, regarding examination corridor policies, approved materials, and reporting timings.

  8. Stay Updated: Regularly test for any revisions or updates to the timetable on reliable systems.

How to Download Odisha 10th Board Time Table 2024?

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the professional internet site of the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha (BSE Odisha). The website is usually bseodisha.ac.in.

  2. Locate Examination Section: Look for the section associated with examinations, time tables, or schedules at the internet site's homepage.

  3. Find 10th Board Exam Time Table: Within the examination phase, look for the link specifically for the 10th board tests for the 12 months 2024.

  4. Download the Time Table: Once you discover the link for the Odisha 10th Board Exam Time Table for 2024, click on on it to down load the schedule.

  5. Save the Time Table: The time desk will probable be in PDF format. Save the downloaded record in your device for easy get right of entry to and reference at some point of your examination training.

  6. Check for Updates: Occasionally, there is probably revisions or updates to the preliminary time table. Stay up to date by way of checking the reputable website for any notifications or adjustments.

  7. Alternative Sources: If there are problems accessing the time table at the internet site, consider contacting your college authorities or checking neighborhood newspapers for ebook.

Odisha 10th Board Official Website Details

The legitimate internet site of the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha (BSE Odisha) is a comprehensive platform on hand at bseodisha.ac.in. It serves because the imperative hub for vital data associated with the 10th board checks, presenting get admission to to examination schedules, syllabi, outcomes, notifications, and academic sources. The web site facilitates access to important paperwork, official notifications, and updates relating the Odisha 10th Board Exam. Students, educators, and parents can find vital details, making sure they're nicely-informed about exam methods, tips, and educational updates for the 2024 examinations.

Details Mentioned on Odisha 10th Board Time Table 2024

  1. Exam Dates: Specific dates on which every problem examination is scheduled to take location.

  2. Day and Time: The day of the week (e.g., Monday, Tuesday) and the scheduled time for each examination, generally in morning or afternoon sessions.

  3. Subject Names and Codes: The names of the topics for which the tests are scheduled, in conjunction with their respective concern codes.

  4. Duration of Exams: The length of each exam, indicating the time allotted for writing solutions.

  5. Important Instructions: Specific tips and commands for college students concerning examination day methods, substances allowed inside the examination hall, reporting time, etc.

  6. Exam Center Details: Occasionally, the time desk would possibly consist of information about examination facilities or instructions on how to locate your targeted exam middle.


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