HBSE 10th Board Syllabus 2024: Explore Haryana Class 10

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The HBSE 10th Board Syllabus 2024 for Haryana Class 10 college students is a comprehensive framework designed to provide a nicely-rounded education. Covering subjects which includes mathematics, technological know-how, social research, and languages, the syllabus objectives to foster educational excellence and holistic improvement.

Structured with precision, the syllabus outlines special chapters, topics, and mastering targets, making sure college students acquire a thorough knowledge of every difficulty. It is crafted to align with academic requirements, incorporating each theoretical knowledge and sensible applications to prepare students for future challenges.

HBSE 10th Board Syllabus Highlights 2024

Subject Key Highlights
English Focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and creative writing. Introduction of unseen passages in literature section.
Mathematics Increased emphasis on application-based problems and mental calculations. Introduction of chapters on statistics and probability.
Science (Combined Science) More focus on practical applications and experimental skills. Integration of physics, chemistry, and biology concepts.
Social Science (History, Civics, Geography) Emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills. Introduction of new chapters on contemporary India and global issues.
Sanskrit/Hindi/Other Languages Focus on communication skills, grammar, and literature appreciation. Introduction of unseen passages in language sections.

HBSE 10th Board Syllabus Eligibility Criteria 2024


The legitimate HBSE 10th Board Syllabus for 2024 isn't always but released and is anticipated to be to be had around April-May 2024. However, primarily based on the 2023 syllabus, you could anticipate:

  • Subjects: Five compulsory topics - Hindi (First Language), English (Second Language), Science (Combined Science), Social Science (History, Civics, Geography), Mathematics, and one non-obligatory concern chosen by way of the pupil from a list of options like Sanskrit, Punjabi, Urdu, Physical Education, Computer Science, Home Science, and many others.
  • Exam Pattern: Offline exams for each subject with a length of 3 hours. Each difficulty has a maximum mark of 100, encompassing principle and realistic tests.
  • Marking Scheme: Minimum passing marks are 33% of the full marks for each problem and 33% of the full marks for each idea and practical additives.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: Must be at the least 14 years vintage by March 31st of the examination year.
  • Previous Class Performance: Must have efficiently passed Class 9th from a recognized Board or faculty affiliated to HBSE.
  • Attendance: Maintain minimum attendance as prescribed by way of the Board.

Additional Points:

  • Students can appear in a most of two extra subjects along side the everyday five subjects and elective difficulty.
  • HBSE releases pattern papers and former years' query papers on their legitimate website for practice.
  • Students can sign up for the board checks online once the registration window opens.

Subject-wise HBSE 10th Board Syllabus 2024

1. English:

  • Part A: Reading Comprehension (70 Marks)
    • Unseen Passage (20 Marks)
    • Seen Passage (20 Marks)
    • Long Answer Questions (30 Marks)
  • Part B: Writing Skills (30 Marks)
    • Short Answer Questions (10 Marks)
    • Composition (20 Marks)

2. Mathematics:

  • Part A: Algebra (40 Marks)
    • Sets, Relations and Functions
    • Matrices and Determinants
    • Differential Calculus
    • Integral Calculus
  • Part B: Coordinate Geometry (40 Marks)
    • Straight Lines and Circles
    • Conic Sections
    • Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Part C: Probability and Statistics (20 Marks)
    • Random Experiments
    • Theoretical Probability
    • Statistical Distributions
    • Tests of Significance

3. Physics:

  • Unit I: Electrostatics (30 Marks)
    • Electric Charge and Field
    • Electrostatic Potential and Energy
    • Conductors and Capacitors
  • Unit II: Current Electricity (30 Marks)
    • Electric Current and Circuits
    • EMF and Magnetic Field due to Current
    • Magnetic Force and Moving Charges
  • Unit III: Optics (30 Marks)
    • Ray Optics and Spherical Mirrors
    • Lenses and Refraction
    • Wave Optics

4. Chemistry:

  • Unit I: Physical Chemistry (30 Marks)
    • States of Matter and Thermodynamics
    • Chemical Equilibrium
    • Electrochemistry
  • Unit II: Inorganic Chemistry (30 Marks)
    • d-Block Elements
    • Coordination Compounds
    • Metals and Non-metals
  • Unit III: Organic Chemistry (30 Marks)
    • Hydrocarbons and their Reactions
    • Organic Compounds containing Halogens, Oxygen and Nitrogen
    • Polymers

5. Biology:

  • Unit I: Plant Kingdom (30 Marks)
    • Morphology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants
    • Reproduction in Plants
    • Plant Physiology
  • Unit II: Animal Kingdom (30 Marks)
    • Morphology and Anatomy of Vertebrates
    • Physiology of Animals
    • Human Reproduction and Health
  • Unit III: Genetics and Biotechnology (30 Marks)
    • Principles of Genetics
    • Molecular Biology
    • Biotechnology and its Applications

How To Download HBSE 10th Board Syllabus 2024?

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the respectable website of the Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE). You can locate this by way of searching "HBSE professional website" on a search engine.

  2. Navigate to the Academic Section: Look for a phase at the internet site related to academics or examinations. This can be categorized as "Syllabus" or "Curriculum."

  3. Choose Class 10: Once you are inside the educational phase, find the section especially for Class 10. Click in this segment to get entry to the syllabus.

  4. Select Your Subjects: If there are multiple topics, choose the ones that correspond to your path. There might be separate links or PDFs for distinct subjects.

  5. Download the Syllabus PDF: Look for the down load choice subsequent to the selected magnificence and topics. The syllabus is regularly to be had in PDF layout. Click at the down load link to store the record on your device.

  6. Verify Information: Before downloading, ensure which you have decided on the perfect academic year (2024) and the subjects applicable on your direction.

  7. Save and Access: Once downloaded, shop the PDF report in a place in your device in which you can effortlessly get admission to it. Organize your files for smooth reference.

  8. Check for Updates: Periodically check the official website for any updates or adjustments to the syllabus. It's vital to have the maximum cutting-edge facts at some stage in the instructional 12 months.

HBSE 10th Board Preparation Tips 2024

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize your self with the HBSE 10th Board Syllabus 2024. Know the topics, chapters, and weightage assigned to each unit. This knowledge will guide your have a look at plan.

  2. Create a Realistic Study Schedule: Develop a nicely-prepared study timetable. Allocate precise time slots for every challenge, ensuring a balanced distribution of study hours. Be consistent in following your schedule.

  3. Prioritize Key Topics: Identify essential topics primarily based at the weightage and your know-how. Prioritize these subjects to your examine plan to ensure complete coverage throughout your practise.

  4. Use Quality Study Material: Refer to HBSE-encouraged textbooks, observe publications, and reference materials. Ensure your observe fabric aligns with the syllabus for a thorough expertise.

  5. Regular Practice with Previous Papers: Practice with preceding years' question papers and sample papers to apprehend the examination pattern. This will help you control time effectively at some stage in the actual examination.

  6. Seek Guidance from Teachers: If you have got doubts or want clarification, technique your instructors. Seek guidance on hard topics and talk your have a look at plan to make sure you're on the right tune.

  7. Create Revision Notes: Summarize key factors and formulas into concise revision notes. These notes will be useful during the very last levels of preparation and assist make stronger your information.

  8. Utilize Technology Wisely: Leverage academic apps, online sources, and multimedia tools to enhance your getting to know experience. Interactive materials can make studying more engaging and help you draw close complex concepts.

  9. Join Study Groups: Collaborate with classmates or be part of take a look at agencies to discuss and make clear doubts. Explaining standards to others and participating in organization discussions can deepen your information.

  10. Take Breaks and Maintain Health: Incorporate short breaks during examine periods to avoid burnout. Ensure you hold a wholesome life-style through getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and staying physically lively.

  11. Mock Tests and Simulations: Take mock assessments under exam conditions to simulate the actual exam environment. This will help you determine your preparation stage, perceive susceptible regions, and construct self assurance.

  12. Stay Positive and Manage Stress: Maintain a superb mind-set and keep away from excessive pressure. Break down your take a look at goals into possible tasks, have a good time small achievements, and exercise relaxation strategies to live calm in the course of the exam length.


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